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Qu- What is the role of COFMOW ?
Qu- How can the details of the tenders issued by COFMOW be known ?
Qu- What are delayed and late tenders?
Qu- Whether late/delayed tenders are considered ?
Qu- Are the bidders required to submit earnest money along with their offer.
Qu- Is the cost of tender purchased by any bidder refunded in case of cancellation of any tender by COFMOW ?
Qu- Can foreign firms participate in the advertised tender issued by COFMOW ?
Qu- Can the date of opening of tender as indicated in the tender notices be extended on the request of the bidders?
Qu- What is the amount of security deposit the successful bidders are required to pay?
Qu- What is the qualification criteria for the bidders ?
Qu- Are Railways considering reconditioning of machines?
Qu- What type of machinery & plant generally procured by COFMOW ?
Qu- Is there a system of Registering firm/supplier?
Qu- How are the offers involving payment in foreign currency evaluated?
Qu- How are the tenders Evaluated?
Qu- What is the normal Constitution of Tender?
Qu- How are the inspection Conducted?
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